Bag design from Lüneburg

It started with an idea: Clear, durable design, in conjunction with natural, sustainable materials and artisan implementation. This is inspiring us until today.

Founded by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann, we design and produce leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO for more than 30 years.

Ackermann designs timeless, durable & functional leather products. Our design has character: it is as distinctive and unique as you and me. Crafted from natural leather, you can feel and see the attention to detail and the carefully selected materials that meet the highest standards of quality. The best leather and the strongest seams are made in functional designs with the sense of simplicity. Our imagination of a durable classic is translated into every handcrafted bag that leaves our manufactory.

The roots of the idea - to design leather bags - are the philosophy and practicing the concept of sustainability in the 80s. To design a product that is natural, durable and wins with the time value of personal.


Soft and warm – you just love to touch it. A soft bag clings to your body and carries things flexibly. It forms a whole with your body and emphasizes individual features    


Best materials put together conscien- tiously and with the strongest seams – our sewers produce bags from the first cut to the final check in our manufac- tory in Lüneburg - and assure quality. 


A product is only worth as much as its weakest part. That is why we for ex- ample only use zippers from Switzer- land. They might be more expensive than the others but they also run better and last longer – and the Swiss inven- ted the zipper. 


The quality makes a difference.
We only process the best leather from Europe. In this case completely vege- tal with olive leaf tanned leather – see also Olive leather on page 25. 


A bag’s inside must be as durable as its outside. That is why we use leather as a lining. For this we also use the upper le- ather because only this part of the skin assures tear strength. 


What is a bag worth that survives 20 years but is abandoned after one season because it does not fit today’s fashion anymore.
We work with the best leather and manufacture made-to-last bags which turn out even more beautiful after carrying them for years. Good leather shows patina after a while. Bags in this quality become individual and daily companions, which you never want to miss anymore. „It is our aim to create products that are natural and long lasting and gain personal value over time“. 

The leathers come from cows living in Southern Germany. The worldwide best leathers are manufactured from these skins. Tan- ning in Germany guarantees highest quality standards and ensure environmentally friendly producing due to the leading environ- mental standards. The deer leather come from Southern Germany and Austria. They are “chamois” tanned with a century old proce- dure and manually dyed with natural colours.

Just recently added is cow hide leather which is tanned with a tanning agent obtained from olive leaves. Cowhide, all vegetal and future-oriented with amazing features – read more about “Olive leather”.