Wildwuchs - Chamois tanned deer leather

For the brand Wildwuchs only a noble and extraordinary material is used: the products are made of suede from the red deer. The unique leather with the velvety feel is produced in the last chamois tannery in Germany. The chamois tanned deerskin is durable and extremely light.

The individual characteristics which forest and weather have left on the skin of wild deer are retained in the production. Due to this characteristic of the leather every sprawl product is a true piece of nature.

ECO - Olive leaf tanned cowhide

Bags from our new ECO collection are crafted from olive leaf tanned leather. The leather is characterised by its stable and sleek haptic. Working with the rough properties of this material, we handcraft fine yet sturdy bags. The tanning agent for this purely vegetable tanned leather is extracted from olive leaves. It is the most eco-friendly tanning process possible. This high claim is proven by the highest sustainability standard available, the cradle-2-cradle gold certificate.

Softnappa - Chrome tanned cowhide leather

This collection provides cuddling color. Especially with this tanning, the natural grain of the cowhide persists, since we only work with upper leather. Both, rough and smooth-textured, the Softnappa is so pleasant to touch, that you never want to give it away anymore.

Cowhide - 'Rotbunt' cowhide from Normandy

Individuality that tells its own tale. Every single bag is different. In the typical Ackermann-style, we design with the leather and not out of it. This trait appears especially in our cowhide collection, where nature defines the look. The 'rotbunte' cowhides from the Normandy create a modern, unmatched look of its own.

Cloud - Light as a feather, chrome tanned cowhide from Japan

Bags from our Cloud collection are light as a feather, while being robust and durable. The leather has an elegant shine and natural haptic to it. In this way, we design and craft casual classics with a young and urban touch. The precious cowhides come from Hitoke steers and cows from Osaka, Japan. The tannery, a small family business is located in the region of Himeji, not far from Kobe. Only this small tannery holds the knowledge to create such fine and thin yet stable leather.

Mac Protect

The Mac Protect collection was developed for all Apple ethusiasts. Every product is made-to-measure to fit all Macs, iPads and iPhones. The best choice of Ackermann leather on the outside, German-made wool felt on the inside. That´s how our sleeves protect all Apple devices, all the while the design is just as fine as your favorite Mac´s inside.

The best protection an Apple device can get!


Our PAGO-line for small leather accessories has been with Ackermann right from its inception. It all started with the idea to come up with an original design for wallets. Indeed derived from the Italian word 'pagare', PAGO conveys a sense of 'paying with confidence'. Today it more so stands for the whole versatility of leather accessories. PAGO products feature smooth shapes and a variety of combinations of different colours. And of course, they are as durable as any of our leather goods. Both the leather and the dyes imbued into it are of the highest quality and blend a wonderful haptic experience with a natural matte look. We put the seams on the inside, which contributes to the suppleness of the products. You will just love having one in your pocket.

Given the large variety of shapes and colours available, everybody can find their own PAGO which corresponds best to their tastes. Due to the high popularity of our wallets, we felt encouraged to gradually complement our PAGO line with keyholders, pencil cases, and sleeves for gadgets. As a consequence, it has become our full-fledged line of original small leathers.