Inside the Manufatory

We welcome you to our factory. This is where bag designs are developed and implemented by hand of our experienced and qualified employees. Factory and showroom are located under one roof in the old industrial area of Lüneburg.

Be inspired by the bag design "made in Lüneburg"!

The smell of tanned leather is in the air. The leather skin is carefully checked for the best quality. The sound of heavy punching machines sounds. From the special leather are stamped forms or drawn by hand cutting. Nice and neat the carrier will be sharpened, ironed, stamped, marked and taped. Zippers are cut and carbines are drawn lovingly on leather cords. The leather pattern are placed most exactly one above the other. Sewing machines combine the soft leather with strong stitching. At the end - each bag has an own signature - that is the result of a lot of care and best leather.


to our leather

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