というブランドは、柔らかなシャモアなめしの鹿革コレクションの総称です。この特別な革を使用することで Wildwuchs コレクションのバッグはどれもビロードのような手触り。

ナチュラルで手間のかかるシャモアなめしという方法は、野生の鹿の皮に天候や森が残した自然の形跡ひとつひとつをそのまま生かします。 Wildwuchs コレクションのバックは軽いこと、耐久性に優れていることが大きな特徴。自然が与えてくれた恵みです。


Chamois leather of the red deer is the finest leather of all. Our deer leather is traditionally made in the last chamois tannery in Germany. For more than 300 years it is manufactured in water power driven, massive wooden mallets, which mechanically incorporate an aqueous codfish oil solution into it.

The chamois-tanning makes the leather hard-wearing, but keeps it extremely light and soft, almost like a foulard. Besides it is one of the most environment-friendly tannings at all.
This special deer leather creation requires round about 300 steps of work by hand and takes 12 months.

The use of Codfish oil as a tanning agent creates a durable leather out of the perishable deer hide. After the excess oil is washed out in a sodium carbonate bath, the hides are air-dried for a few weeks. This process is repeated for several months, so that every single hide gets dried and tumbled multiple times. A real chamois leather needs to ripen, like a good whiskey. In the end the leather is dyed with natural colors out of log-, red- or yellowwood. The dye gets incorporated and brushed into one side of the leather by hand. Its yellow reverse side is kept untinged, as a mark of accurate work. Also the natural grain of the hide is intentionally preserved as a proof of authenticity and originality.

The special patina of black deerskin

Leather is a living, breathing material and changes over time. Among the various kinds of patina our leathers develop, black deerskin is especially beautiful. It brings out a yellow shading that shines through the black dyeing in areas of heavy use. The natural patina, influenced by the natural yellow colouring of deerskin makes every bag a unique companion. It reflects what you live to see.