Beate Sedlacek | Laszlo Hohmann | Karl-Henning Hohmann

Ackermann was founded in 1982 by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann. 

Besides studying and training, we sewed leather pants, - jackets, - skirts etc. for friends and acquaintances in the early eighties. Even then we loved the material and wanted to create something that would stand the test of time. We shifted our activities to leather bags and leather exchanges and had the opportunity to present our collections to the trade for the first time at the IFM Ambiente 1990.


We work with leather and do so out of conviction. Genuine leather is and remains a wonderful material and is very sustainable under the right conditions. The basis for this is a traceable supply chain and the careful handling of the material in production and processing. To ensure this, we are in close contact with our suppliers and partners and are constantly working to disclose supply chains.

The pursuit of a sustainable company structure is the basic idea for the future existence of a company.

Starting with the materials up to fair working conditions, over an open and transparent customer communication. In a world driven by consumption, these are great goals. The production and distribution in Germany already sets standards, the existence of our manufactory for over 40 years and the trust of our customers are motivation and confirmation for what we do.

We are also customers of other manufacturers and value comprehensible processes and fair treatment of our fellow human beings.


Beate's and Karl-Henning's values were consolidated in the early 1980s when they discovered leather as a material. The goal was, and still is, to counteract the emerging throwaway society by making products that will last generations and not be a burden on the environment when their time is up.


We work with a well-coordinated team of long-standing employees. Some of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. We can't do without them - designs and production methods are made in close consultation, tested and finally included in the program. The team consists of a total of 14 people, of which 6 are bag makers, 4 women work in our store in Lüneburg and 4 are active in the office, taking care of the processing of orders, material procurement, the social media presence, product photography and website maintenance.


A bag is designed by us, tried out and manufactured from cutting to final inspection. Such a process is exceptional nowadays and in our opinion desirable. It enables us to intervene in every process and to design it according to our or your ideas and to guarantee the quality. In increasing digitalization it is very satisfying to produce a physical product - for the designer, the employee and ultimately for the customer, who appreciates the craftsmanship by buying and using the product and enjoys the new bag for a long time.